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With 2014 now well underway, it’s time to take stock of what you need to really make a success of the new year.  When thinking about the key skills you need to focus on, don’t forget to make time to brush up on your writing skills.  Everyone needs to communicate and if you want to get ahead then you need to make sure your best ideas get presented in the best possible way.  Whether you’re looking to polish your skills in support of another project or course, or whether you intend to make writing your main trade, ADL has a wide variety of courses. 

Here’s some of the ones we recommend:

Academic Writing.
The purpose of any form of education is to expand and enhance the student's knowledge of the topic at hand.  However, just as important is the ability to know how to express the new information understood in a way that demonstrates learning has been successful. After all, all the great ideas in the world aren’t worth a thing if they can’t be conveyed in a manner others can understand. 

Our Academic writing course is focussed on preparing individuals to write in a manner acceptable in both academic and business circles, with a particular focus on the writing of assignments. It covers essentials such as planning your work, writing it, editing and proofreading it, and particularily, of researching the topics you have been assigned.

Academic Writing is invaluable to anyone needing to improve their writing skills for academic or business purposes.  Best of all – it is included for free with any of our other courses or modules as a complimentary short course.

Dramatic Writing
Learn to be dramatic!  Whether it’s for a poem, a speech, a short story or a full length novel this course is an invaluable guide on how to add drama to your work.  You’ll learn to reflect on your own experiences, to provide exposition and reports, the power of description and how to persuade and alter the views of your readers through argument.

Whether you aim to be published by a traditional house, self-publish your works or merely write for your own pleasure the eight lessons of our dramatic writing course will truly help your own work come alive with memorable characters and inspiring prose. 

Poems are as old as our civilization.  From clever rhymes to sombre songs, witty banter and scathing words, all have been enhanced, whatever they had to say, through the rhyme and form of poetry.  Across nine lessons our poetry course is designed to help bring out the inner poet within all of us.

Discover the many poetic devices used by the greatest bards of all time.  Explore the huge variety of poetic style including sonnets, ballads, limericks, and free verse. Study some of the greatest poets of all time.  And then take it further and learn how to bring your creations to the world with lessons on publishing and getting it out there.

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