Top 5 Benefits of Improving Your Critical Thinking

Having well developed critical thinking and writing skills will take you far in your work and personal life. Here’s our list of 5 of the most significant benefits of critical thinking and writing.


  1. In your school work

This one may seem obvious, but it is still worth writing about your schoolwork! When you can translate what is in your head onto paper more effectively, your grades will reflect this. Most students are only able to communicate their ideas partly, and as a result, they are not achieving their full potential. When you clearly and concisely explain your thoughts, your marker will want to give you a better grade not only because of the improved quality of writing but also because your work will be enjoyable to read.

  1. In your job

In your professional career, critical thinking will take you far. Being able to assess ideas for merit and value will give you a reputation for being a good problem solver, which will open more opportunities to you. When your boss is thinking about who can handle the complex workload that comes with a big promotion, you’ll be on their list if you’ve been able to demonstrate good problem-solving skills.

  1. In networking

Being able to write well will translate into being able to speak well and understand your audience, and few audiences are more important than future professional contacts. Charm and good wit can get you far, but supplementing that with eloquence and articulation will leave an impression that might help you land your big break. Networking is a numbers game so increasing the chance of someone remembering you will pay off dividends in the future.

  1. In your personal finance

Good critical thinking skills will help you to make the right decisions with money. Enticing discounts will be no match when you know that most of the cost of the product that they are selling has gone into its marketing. You’ll be able to identify which of your expenses are necessary and which you can axe. Being able to write well will also give you the upper hand when dealing with bureaucratic customer support services.

  1. In your conversations with friends

How many of us find ourselves in tricky conversations about politics or our personal lives. Being able to take a critical approach to these problems will make you not just better at arguing but better at finding solutions to the difficulties that you and your friend are going through. A useful benefit of critical thinking is that you will be more likely to know when you are arguing from an incorrect position and can adjust your mindset, making you a continually more rounded individual.

You can take our critical thinking and academic writing modules as part of our university preparation course. These can be taken all year round and would easily supplement your learning. They are taught online and at your own pace with unlimited tutor support to make sure that you get the most out of your modules.




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