UK Wildlife Law: An Introduction

Introducing our New UK Wildlife Law Course

There’s a real interest among those in Britain who work with wildlife, either professionally or voluntarily, for a better understanding of the myriad laws in the country that govern the interaction between man and his environment on these Islands.  That’s why ADL is proud to announce a new short course in the works “UK Wildlife Law: An Introduction”.

By popular demand, this course is the ideal introduction for anyone involved in the British countryside and the huge variety of wildlife that calls it home. Great for farmers, conservationist and other roles, the goal of this course is to equip the student with a firm understanding of the essential wildlife law that they may need to be aware of.

Global Decision, Local Consequences

Across the world, Wildlife Law has generally followed four key themes that have worked their way into the statute books of countries across the world, and the UK is no different.  These being the control of pests, the exploitation of animals, animal welfare and environmental conservation.

The course begins with an introduction to the international wildlife treaties to which the UK is a signatory and obliged to abide by.  For example, the International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling is a huge international treaty best known for banning Whale hunting with a few notable exceptions.  But it wasn’t until 1986, to protect dwindling whale numbers, that the moratorium we know today came into force.

From the global level, the course moves onto the EU level, where many modern laws and directives regarding change in modern Britain originate (and wildlife legislation is no different).  From here, the course reaches the national level focusing on UK specific laws that govern the interaction with wildlife and how it practically impacts on life in Britain today.

Why Wildlife Law matters

In Britain, the native environment and species of the island country remain a national treasure even today.  Despite the industrial revolution of centuries ago, the country remains a country with a unique ecosystem that’s worth protecting.  And even for those who may not care themselves, the relevant laws in force must still be abided by. 

If you work with the countryside, in conservation or are simply looking to add an extension to your house, it’s valuable to have an understanding of how the presence of wildlife on the land can impact your plans and how you must work around it.




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