What’s The Best Way to Google?

Google receives 63,000 searches every second and is the biggest repository of human knowledge every constructed since the burning of the library of Alexandria. It is the best way for us to access new information and use cutting edge technology to run our businesses, blogs and banks. With so much raw data available, a valuable skill is knowing how to find it. This is why we call the internet age ‘information rich’ because the real challenge is locating facts rather than getting to the right encyclopedia. Without further ado here’s our guide to getting the most out of your Google!

A man hold binoculars up to look at something far away

Quotations to meet your quotas

Google will look at the search terms you put into the engine to find results. One technique used when looking for a specific subject is to put lots of keywords to find what you’re looking for. This isn’t always helpful because you could end up widening the subjects that Google will browse. Instead, type exactly what you’re looking for in quotation marks. As with the example below, you’ll turn up results with this phrase exactly.

It can be helpful when buying things online as you can be very specific. Try ‘new old stock’ or ‘unwanted gift’ for some great deals.

A google search using the match phrase function

A similar trick can be used to get rid of unwanted terms, just put a “-“ sign before the unwanted term, and it will exclude the result. Looking to find the movie called Mustang without being flooded by car results then search “Mustang -car” and you’ll be good to go.

Google does tricks

There are lots of Easter eggs that you can have fun with too. Like having the whole screen turn over when you type ‘do a barrel roll’ or show old-style results by searching ‘Google in 1998’. You can see some fascinating stuff by looking at the Google doodle archives, get an AI Bach to harmonise your melodies after you learn about the first lighting of the Eddystone lighthouse in 1698.

A dog with a ball on its head doing a trick

Google is now much more than a search engine. It houses lots of tools such as a calculator, weather timer, pronunciation guides and much more.  As a life-long learner, I find Google an exceptional tool to help me discover more about the world from the comfort of my armchair. If you’ve got any neat google tips or tricks comment them below and we can all learn from them together.




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