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4 Places to Visit this Summer as Recommend by ADL Staff

in Random things of Interest, Lifestyle Education on August 03, 2018 . 0 Comments.

New Forest: Recommended by Amanda Phelan-White, ADL Registrar

pony grazing in the new forest, england

Mentioned in the Doomsday Book, the New Forest is unique because many tracts of land and heaths retained their rights of common pasture. The wildlife and the domestic animals co-exist and help maintain the habitat in the region.

It is one of the easiest places to get to from South East England. It's like stepping back in time too, there's beautiful old villages where you'll just come up to people's front gardens and find a cow living there. It's also a great place to go cycling. The village of Beaulieu is stunning and makes for a great day out.


Oxford: Recommended by Daryl Tempest-Mogg Director of Studies

city of oxford

Oxford is where Director Daryl Tempest-Mogg first began his foray into the education sector. The city holds lots of precious memories. And not just personal ones, walking about Oxford and soaking up the atmosphere, you can appreciate the history of the place. The architecture is gorgeous, it has an ambiance like no other city. There's lots to see and do, you can walk around the colleges, visit the Ashmolean museum or visit a quaint pub. You can even visit the same pub C.S. Lewis and Tolkien used to go to.


Lindisfarne : Recommended by Mary Anne Ewing-Patterson, Payments Officer

Lindisfarne at sunset

Lindisfarne is a tidal island of the coast of Northumberland in England. It has some of the oldest recorded history of the British Isles, dating back to the 6th Century AD.

You can walk around the island in one day, and still feel like you’ve barely scratched the surface of the place. The Viking raid on Lindisfarne in 794 AD marked the beginning of the ‘Viking Age’ in the British Isles and was a time of deep trauma for the residents of the area. Now, its stunning, lonely, natural beauty is there for visitors to enjoy and be inspired by.

Canterbury: Recommended by all of us!

weaver's house in canterbury city, view from the bridge accross the river

Canterbury is one of the most beautiful cities in South East England. The Cathedral dominates the sky-line and can be seen from all points approaching the city. The cobbled streets and leaning houses remind us of how old this place is. And if you're not so much into history, there is a modernised shopping area close to main transport links. Canterbury has river tours, city tours, cathedrals tours as well as coffee shops, restaurants and museums. It's close to Europe too thanks to the Eurostar. If you're visiting in Kent, drop by the office and say hi!


Where are your favourite places to visit? Let us know in the comments!

Tags: tourism, summer holidays, holidays, places to visit, englandLast update: August 03, 2018


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