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The First Blog Post of Spring

in Latest Courses on March 07, 2014 . 0 Comments.

The First Blog Post of Spring

Just when we had come to the acceptance that a canoe was an ideal investment for getting to work in the perpetual downpour of the British winter, the first day of Spring dawns. At last the sun has returned from its extended vacation in Spain, shining brightly down. All around us the new season is in evidence. Flowers are blooming, umbrellas are hesitantly going away and the green fields are filling up with bouncing, excited baby animals taking their first steps into the world.

Here in our corner of Kent we’re especially seeing a lot of new lambs. Small, woolly, adorable critters, barely a day old before they can be seen rushing around the fields, filled with excitement at the wonders of the new world they’ve entered and ignorant of its perils – such as mint sauce and the British love of a good Sunday Roast.

Still, we’ve all wondered at one point or another, while staring into a field of animals, what it would be like to have a farm and raise animals for ourselves. The appeal of making something real in agriculture resonates within most of us whether we grow flowers in a garden, tomatoes in a greenhouse or help a gasping newborn lamb take its first faltering steps after birth.

Naturally, this is all leading up to us offering one of our magnificent farm related courses. Take for example our Farm Management course – a comprehensive guide to the essentials of running the business side of the Farm. From creating the business plan for the smallholding to guidance on day to day running, the Farm Management course will help you make the most of your resources, be they Animal, Human or dirt.

But then, even we are hard pressed to admit that the first appeal of a life on the land is anything to do with numbers or business – even though they’re essential for long term success! Perhaps, instead, we might recommend our Animal Husbandry courses. A series of three, these courses are intended to give you a complete understanding of the challenges and difficulties of looking after livestock animals. You’ll learn how to feed, take care of and rear farm animals of all sorts.

For those who really want to work with or know more about cute little baby animals, we also have a variety of animal specific courses to give you the knowledge you need to give your animals the best start in life. Whether it’s lambs, calves, kits, ponies, piglets or chicks we have courses for all the most popular residents of any good farm.

Come out from behind your own cloud and start learning something new today, with ADL.

Farm Management

Animal Husbandry

Calf Rearing

Horse Care




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