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Tutortalk: What they get up to after marking

in Random things of Interest, Tutor Talk, Bookkeeping Blog, Environmental and Animals Blog on October 07, 2014 . 0 Comments.

At ADL, our tutors aren't just about marking assignments and giving advice (though they do do a lot of that).  They've got lives of their own that make them stand out as exceptional individuals even outside of the field in which they teach.  This week, we take a little look at some of the extra-curricular activities our experts are getting up to.

Paul Evans

The Clark Kent of the ADL Office, Paul Evans' mild mannered exterior and perfectly business like demeanor serves him well as the ADL's resident bookkeeping expert and tutor.  He tutors mainly for our Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) courses and some of our other business courses aside, particularly project management.

However when he’s not tutoring for ADL Paul can be seen hitting the gym, working out hard and embarrassing men half his age with his ability to pump iron.  A lifelong fitness fanatic, Paul Is as eager to share his knowledge of fitness techniques along with his business nuance as shown in the following video:

Manny Mvula

A tutor specializing in environmental and conservation courses for ADL, Manny has a strong background in both fields.  Working between both Zambia and the UK, he is involved in many conservation projects back in Africa including the born free foundation and the Zambia Primate Project. 

In the UK, he teaches and lectures on conservation and environment related projects as schools and colleges as well as provides tutoring for ADL in courses as diverse as Zoo Keeping and Marine Studies.

An admirer of African wildlife, Manny’s involvement with conservation in Zambia has earned him the title of honorary Ranger.  He’s not shy about getting up-close to some of the most amazing creatures in the wild, as this video of him facing off against an African elephant will attest

Lee Raye

A word maestro and graduate of Aberdeen, Oxford and currently studying his PhD at Cardiff University – Lee’s specialization is natural history.  That is the history of nature, such as how the animals, trees and eco systems that surround us came to be.  For example, the origins of the breeds of sheep that gave rise to the ones we see today.  But it’s also about understanding how past cultures saw the world and interacted with nature at the time.

Lee benefits ADL with his PHD level knowledge in the fields of both writing and environmentalism, with his own specialization giving added insights into, not just how eco-systems and species are, but how they came to be.

He’s published numerous papers, been interviewed by National Geographic magazine and frequently posts on his blog Natural History about topics in his field of interest, like this recent video about the influence of chameleon lizards in the works of Shakespeare.




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