Seven Great Podcasts for Students

If you’ve been around the online sphere for a while, you’ll know podcasts had a heyday back in 2010 and then dropped off the face of the earth. Recently, podcasts have been making a come-back and that’s partly because of your phone. It’s easier to download and listen to a podcast and costs less data than a YouTube video. Most podcasts out there are free, only require an app to download (if anything) and can be enjoyed anywhere and everywhere.

There are many, many podcasts out there to stimulate your mind and we’ve got a few recommendations to help you unwind after a hard day of study or if you simply want some fresh inspiration.

Freakonomics Podcast

lots of code and data

Perhaps you’ve read the book Freakonomics and its sequel. In these popular and fascinating books, economist Steven D. Levitt and Journalist Stephen J. Dubner use big data and other tools to solve big problems and find patterns of behaviour in every day activities, both personal and in the workplace. Their weekly podcasts are fascinating listens that help you consider the world in a slightly different light.


man against a starry night

Hosted by the famous Neil deGrasse Tyson, this podcast brings science, comedy and pop culture into one big entertaining package. If you want to relax but also learn something new and fascinating, this is the channel for you!

All in the Mind

brain with formulas on the left side and colours on the other

For the psychology and counselling student who wants to kick back (or anyone for that matter) this channel explores all things mental. It explores subjects such as depression, dreams, memory, obsession and more.

University of Oxford Podcast

inside an cxford college

The University of Oxford has a whole range of podcasts available for listeners in a wide variety of subjects. Essentially, they have recorded a series of lectures in specific subjects and put them online FOR FREE! From Skakespeare to Stargazing, there is a lot of material to listen to while going on a long trip or commute.


The RHS Podcast

lovely garden outside a cottage

It’s no secret that ADL loves the RHS and of course we’ll mention their great gardening podcast in an article about podcasts! With a new episode every 2 weeks, the RHS podcast has lots of great gardening advice and news relating to the RHS and their recent projects, as an avid gardener you will have plenty to listen to.

In Defence of Plants

beautiful purple orchids

Born out of a love for botany and the amazing power of plants, this channel is dedicated to informing anyone who will listen as to how great plants are. Spanning subjects such as Botanical Chemistry and the mystery of Orchids, there is sure to be something that will intrigue you.


xray of a hand doing a ok sign by owen beard

A podcast that is about the history of medicine, this will take you through topics such as hydrotherapy, blood letting and why we used to think drilling holes in heads was a good idea. It’s a fascinating and hilarious look at how we used to treat illnesses and a more terrifying look at how we used to treat things that weren’t illnesses but thought they were!

If you’ve got a podcast to recommend, let us know in the comments!




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