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Cosy autumn eveings are upon us leading to cold winter nights! It's the perfect time to get your tablet out and take your online studies to the next level. Here are four great courses we are loving this autumn.


computer screens with code on them

With all our lives online, from social life to banking to work, it makes sense to invest in understanding how your information can be kept safe and what to do if it is compromised. Because we don't understand cybersecurity and its implications, we tend to trust big names such as Facebook and Twitter without much questions. When big security scandals happen, such as when a company has a vulnerability that compromises a huge percentage of their users, then the users are left just as clueless after the scandal as before it. Being informed about this subject can help you keep your data safe. If you're in an industry that is heavily reliant on the web and technology, then cyberseucrity is no longer a nice thing to know, but an essential and integral part of your business. Taking you through important introducturoy material, this Cybersecurity course will have you understanding some core concepts in the subject in no time!

Applied Electronics

electronic circuits

Can you imagine a life without your phone, tablet, car, cooker… essentially any modern amenity that is no longer considered mondern but an integral part of our lives. Our lives are run on electricty and many of us have little to no real understanding of how this works. To the select few who have made the effort to understand electronics, it's all in a day's work to fix a broken fan or lamp, but to the rest, it's binning the item or paying someone to fix it. Why not erase that blind spot and learn about electric circuits, inpur and output devices, digital electronics and more!

Counselling Children

frightened child staring with an explosion reflected in their eye

We have a growing mental health crisis among our children that needs to be addressed and dealt with. Having specialist training that helps children communicate their struggles is going to become more relevant to those working in industries such as education and social care. Anyone who works with children is going to benefit from learning about counselling for children suffering anxiety or depression, for example.

Refrigerating Farm Produce

fruit produce, grapes, pomegranites and berries

If you own a small holding, or even grow produce in your garden, learning how to properly store it is invaluble for making the most of your hard grown food. This course shows you how to store your harvest glut while also keeping in mind things like how food decays, how it losses nutrition over time and more!




ADL Success Stories – Dairy Cattle Farming with Annabella Baker

Education opens doors to success windows of opportunity and in at least one case, gates to new possibilities. Such is the case with ADL success story Annabella Baker.  Originally from Italy, but now living in the UK, Annabella faced a tragedy all too familiar to many when she lost her airline job during the Covid

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Horticulture – Learn the Basics: Three Problems for New Gardeners

Gardens are hard work.  Behind every immaculate lawn and carefully tended flowerbed is a never-ending struggle between nature and gardener. Of course simply leaving the garden to its own devices isn’t really an option; Untended, plants will grow freely for the whole of spring and summer and even into autumn. Worse yet, an uncared for

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Henry Hoover’s Broken Plug

Some stories of educational achievement soar into the heavens.  Of individuals who through hard work and toil overcame the challenges in their life to achieve. Certainly, at ADL we’ve seen and helped many individuals achieve their dreams through completing a course which helped them get a place at university or begin a new career. This,

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King Charles and the Grey Goo

If you’ve been in the UK over the past weekend you might have noticed you had a day off on Monday (or looked on enviously as other people had a day off).  The coronation of a new monarch in Charles the Third means a new era. One that the Monarch is especially keen does not

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Could You Be a Personal Trainer?

If you’re looking for a side business or career that combines a love for fitness and a mentoring role. personal training might be for you Personal training is at it’s heart all about being able to help people live healthier, happier lives.  By combining physical exercise with essential lifestyle changes like diet they help their

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