Veganuary and Why You Should Try It

rye bread with humus on top

Have you heard of Veganuary? It’s a movement that encourages people to try out veganism for the whole month of January, much like Stoptober, which encourages smokers to give up smoking for October, it’s aim is to raise awareness for a particular issue for that month and many pledge themselves to fulfil the requirements via social-media.  


For the hardworking student who already has a few New Year’s resolutions under their belt yet to break, why add veganism to the mix? 


You might save a little cash

While there are many vegan supplements that cost an arm and a leg compared to their animal product counterparts, here’s looking at you vegan eggs, overall, the cost of a non-vegan diet is still higher than a vegan one. If you prepare your own foods at home and prepare ahead of time, you will certainly save some £££s. 


You might lose a few pounds 

While people go on vegan diets for many reasons, ethical or environmental being the two main ones, some report weight loss as an extra perk. If you’ve overindulged over the holiday season (I certainly have) then applying a plant-based diet may be a nice kick back into healthy eating. This is not to say that a vegan diet is inherently low-calorie, chips are vegan after all, but cutting out animal products also means cutting out all those treats that contain them such as Cadbury's Milk or Ice-cream. 


As soon as you mention you’re trying a plant-based diet to friends or family, many become overnight nutritionists. They will question if you really know what you’re doing and advise you that milk, eggs, and meat are vital to life and health. This is not true, not even the NHS states this, and you will probably become better versed in what a human body needs in relation to nutrition and what plant-based foods or supplements can meet that need. 


You'll discover new food combos 

Did you know avocado and hummus in a sandwich with spinach, tomatoes and a dash of lemon is mouthwatering? This is possibly one of my favourite vegan snacks and I would never have come across it without trying out a plant-based diet. There will be something that tickles your taste buds so that when Veganuary is over, you will still incorporate new things you have discovered into your day to day diet. 


It’s never been easier 

If money is not a concern, there are so many more vegan products out there that will make Veganuary a complete doddle. From Naturly’s “minced meat” to Buja Buja icecream, you will not struggle to find a supplement for something you liked eating before you tried a plant-based diet. Perhaps it won’t taste exactly the same, but it will be a decent proximate. On top of that, vegans are a keen bunch and want as many people eating plant-based as possible which means there is no shortage of support out there if you want to start out but have no idea what you're doing. From Facebook groups to Youtube channels to websites, you are bound to find help. 


Are you giving Veganuary a go this year? If so, let us know in the comments below!




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