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ADL Blog | Real Learning Stories

Academy for Distance Learning Blog - Our Blog is a resource for people looking for courses and information about our courses, education news, real learning stories, student sucess, discussion and anything of interest we can muster up!  

We'll be keeping this page updated with news, course information and real life student sucess stories.

Horticulture is one of those subjects that feel counter-intuitive to online learning. The very practical aspect of it makes it seem a bit silly to get a distance learning course to teach you how to pot a plant instead of, say, going to a local college to be taught in person. However, if you've ever watched a cooking show and picked up a great recipe which you've managed to recreate successfully, then learning horticultural principles via distance learning with the aid of YouTube doesn't seem so strange afterall.


We've picked out four channels we think are worth watching for any horticulture student or hobbyist. They might even be...

Do you have a challenge ahead – perhaps a presentation at work, a speech or an interview? Do you fear that, although you have appropriate skills, and you have completed your preparation, your lack of confidence on the day may just jeopardise your performance?


Enter the Circle of Excellence, a technique, used in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to harness your positive, resourceful qualities and bring them to the fore exactly when you need it. Whatever the situation may be, experiencing the positive feeling behind the accomplishments, good qualities, and potential that you have will work for you. It is very easy to do. Here’s...

We've put together a list of channels we think all Health Sciences students should take a look at. Even if you simply have an interest in medical sciences, these channels are sure to keep you entertained and informed. These channels are all very good resources for anyone who would like to learn more about the medical professions. They range from large, general channels like the NHS England channel to very specific channels like Dr. Sandra Lee’s dermatology channel. Whatever you need to know, there is probably a YouTube channel for it.


NHS England

Given that most medical students will have a degree of contact with the NHS at...

in Health on Sep 11, 2018 .

Many of us were encouraged to write diaries as children. As adults, we tend to consider our diaries as to-do lists and appointments only. However, writing a regular journal can help us to break through habitual thought patterns in order to find our creative potential, and explore our own knowledge and wisdom.

What type of journal?

Your first task is to decide and plan what sort of journal you wish to write. There is a wide range of topics, and rather than allow your mind to flow freely across all sorts of subjects, you may wish to plan the scope of your journal before you start. These may include dreams, travel, studying, daily...

If you are currently studying a horticulture course with us, we’ve compiled a list of sites we think are a great help. In no particular order of preference:



The RHS website is so full of information, you can spend countless hours on this site browsing plant advice, gardening advice and even purchasing seeds for your next project and still not have scratched the surface. Their very useful month by month guide is a valuable resource for both students and gardeners. Along with their general advice on gardening and plant guides, they also publish reports on subjects such as global warming.  


Great for:...


The key to good study is often finding the right music to fit the type of work that you are doing. Some music is perfect for focusing while doing exercises and other pieces are more suited to helping with more thought-provoking work. Studies have shown that music with lyrics will detract from the quality of study, so I’ve only included instrumental music in this list.


Schubert, String Quintet in C major

This is regarded as one of the composers finest pieces of music and tops many favourite classics lists. Schubert finished this piece two weeks from his death in 1828 and this leads to the piece carrying a...

The angel shark (Squatina squatina) is a flattened kind of shark which looks a bit like a sting ray. It usually grows to about 1.8 m long (about as long as a human is tall) and it lives in sandy and muddy areas. It specialises in ambushing fish at night while buried on the seafloor (Ellis, Pawson and Shackley, 1996; ICES Advisory Committee, 2017). It’s also one of the most severely endangered species in the UK right now, although you aren’t likely to know much about it.

  From Common to Critically Endangered

The angel shark is now critically endangered, which means it is in the category of species with the highest likelihood of...

With more of our writing being digitised, the fountain pen is often thought of as a redundant instrument from a bygone era. But for me, when taking notes or writing appointments into my diary, I have found that the unparalleled smoothness provided by a fountain pen translates into a clarity of ideas.

Because of their use in schools to teach better handwriting, and the oft-times ridiculous price tag associated with the more expensive brands, there can be trepidation that occurs when thinking about using a fountain pen. Today I’m going to dispel the fear and misconceptions about fountain pens to try and persuade you to take up this...


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