Bookkeeping: Success Story

Bookkeeping: Student Success Story: Mihaela

Probably the best thing about working at ADL is helping to make a real difference in the lives and prospects of our students.  Wherever they come from or whatever they study we take a real pride in the part we play in helping people achieve their potential in life. That’s why when one of our

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Our TV advert!

Once upon a time we made a television advert. and for your viewing pleasure, it's made it's way to Youtube!

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News from ADL

Thoughts on Corporate Gift Giving

With the festive season approaching it’s time for businesses to take stock of their successes for the year and look to reward those employees who have contributed most to the business in the last twelve months. It’s true that most employees will happily take a cash bonus as a business or corporate gift but what

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News from ADL

October Newsletter

Just a snap shot of what happens here Staff hard at work packaging course material for an ADL Higher Advanced Diploma in Applied Animal Science – a very lucky student! We're always available, please do not hesitate to get in touch! If you're interested in any of these courses, please just drop us a line,

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News from ADL

Royal Horticultural Society Student Success

Congratulations! Congratulations to all our RHS students who passed their June exams! The Royal Horticultural Society have released the marks given by the exam boards and we could not be more pleased with the results achieved by learners on our courses.  The hard work and dedication put in by all of our students is in

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Top 5 Benefits of Improving Your Critical Thinking

Having well developed critical thinking and writing skills will take you far in your work and personal life. Here’s our list of 5 of the most significant benefits of critical thinking and writing. In your school work This one may seem obvious, but it is still worth writing about your schoolwork! When you can translate

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Darren S – Advanced Diploma in Food and Nutrition – UK

“The course was of huge value due to the comprehensive topics covered in all modules,  with a great mix of research work, reading materials and set tasks to complete which when all added together complemented each other very well.  The level that was expected of you, made you put the time and effort in with

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Some Improvements to your Office Productivity…

At the moment most of us are working from home instead of our usual cubical or if we’re lucky, personal office. I thought that it would be fascinating to find out more about offices, where most businesses take place and where research innovations come to light with an aim to see how productivity can be

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Finding help to lift yourself out of sadness and grief

This blog covers some serious issues that may have impacted you personally; please take a moment to make sure you are in the right frame of mind to benefit from this article positively.   During the global coronavirus pandemic, we are all aware of the huge amount of suffering experienced worldwide, nationally, and also within

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