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Photography Blog

Photography Blog

The art and science of taking perfect pictures. 

Last year I had the good fortune to visit the Falkland Islands. The islands are a remote South Atlantic archipelago with unspoilt cliff-lined coasts exposed to wild winds, and forlorn rugged heathlands strewn with boulders and the remnants of war. Their hundreds of islands and islets are home to sheep farms, and diverse shores with abundant birdlife. It was quite inspiring to be in such open and free terrain and it quite re- ignited my curiosity as an ecologist.


The vast majority of the two- thousand or so population are cosseted in small tin huts in the capital, Stanley. A small minority live in what they call ‘camp’ from the...

Graphic designers create graphics for all sorts of things, from company logos to road signs.  Their work can be seen everywhere in modern life.  If you have a creative streak and like to express yourself with images, here are a five reasons you might want to consider graphic designer as a future career.

A Career for the Creative

Firstly, a career in Graphic Design is a fantastic job for those who want a role that allows them to express their creativity.  Depending on seniority, you will have a certain level of input into the limitations and requirements of any project you undertake. But even at the lowest level, as a designer you...

For those of us who love to see new places and have a passion for anything to do with cameras there can be few things more rewarding than travel photography. As tourists we experience and discover new places using nearly all of our senses. We see things we have never seen before, we hear new languages and accents, try unfamiliar food and even our sense of smell adds its own unique dimension to the travel experience.

Our images, however, are two dimensional and engage only our eyes. There are no foreign tongues, bustling cafés on a warm summer evening or the smell of enticing street food to get a total feel of the new surroundings. Yet...

For years, editorial and commercial photographer John Rinaldi has been a respected and trusted voice in the photography industry. Known for his photography, his teaching and his ability to connect with photographers, John has long had an “open door” approach to discussing his career–the ups and the downs–and in so doing has provided a straightforward and candid look inside the industry. By consistently showing great work and offering helpful advice, he has built a large, loyal following in both Kent, UK and Italy.

He was also kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to do a Q&A for people on our facebook page.
Check it out on...

Being tapped by friends or family to take pictures of their big day can be an exciting experience.  But it's easy for someone with a brand new camera, and a desire to use it, to bite off more than they can chew.  Help fulfill your photographic aspirations with a few tips on what not to do should you ever find yourself in the frame for taking pictures of a wedding. 

  1. Don't bother to ask the Bride and Groom ahead of time what they might want.  A lot of things that can go wrong during a wedding shoot boil down to a general failure to plan ahead.  Chief amongst these is any idea that you can simply show up on the day, Camera in hand and...

Once upon a time, during art class as a child, you were probably introduced to the concept of primary colours, the idea that there are three colours from which most other colours can be derived.  Typically you would have been taught that they were red, yellow and blue.  By mixing these you could get green, orange, purple and all sorts of other wonderful colours.  

But later as you grew up and stepped into the digital age and got your hands on such wonders as computers, digital cameras and televisions, you probably noticed that things seemed to work a bit differently in technology land.  Indeed, someone had apparently taken it upon...

As everyone knows, the most important keepsake from a wedding is the cake.  Sadly, cake has a tendency (or as some might say a purpose) to be eaten.  It's fortunate that most wedding parties are accompanied by ample amounts of photographs, ensuring the wonderful memories remain preserved long after the sound of embarrassing drunken uncles singing at the reception has been thankfully forgotten. Through photography, generations of happily married couples have been able to mark the occasion with pictures immortalizing their special day and providing a point of reference for children to make awkward comments regarding just how different Dad...


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