So you Want to be a Marketer?

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You’ve got the best product on the market. Nobody else has anything quite so unique. Not only that but you’ve found a way to deliver it at a great price. One small problem; nobody has any idea you exist. 

Marketing is the art of getting people to buy your stuff or services. It covers everything from active promotions, like advertisements, to observing consumer trends to target goods and services to whatever the current or anticipated preference may be.

Having What It Takes

Every business needs marketing, though who does this and what they are responsible for will vary based on the size of the organisation. Like with other roles, most of the smallest businesses will need every skill they have to execute a marketing strategy. However, once a company starts to grow, marketing quickly becomes a role that requires a dedicated focus. 

Smaller employers may have only a single person responsible for marketing in their organisation. In larger companies, marketers work in teams and are more likely to have responsibility for only a single aspect of their businesses marketing strategy. 

No matter the scale of your marketing team, several key skills are essential to make a success of a marketing career.  These include:


A marketer needs to be able to approach new challenges and problems and come up with solutions that meet the goal of their employer. 

An Analytical Mind

Modern businesses have access to huge amounts more data and tools than their predecessors ever had to help them make the decisions that best serve their customers. A marketer needs to be able to take the information, draw the right conclusions and then either implement or advise on the best way forward.

A diplomatic touch

You need to be good, not only at communicating your message to potential customers, but also at communicating and interacting internally with other business teams. To market well, you will need to ensure that the other key parts of the organisation are on board, be that from the design of products and advertising through to feedback from customer services.




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