Skills for Surviving A Zombie Apocalypse

Greetings Survivor!


Congratulations for getting through the end of the world and living long enough to tell about it.  While we salute your courage and fortitude, we must sadly point out that you are already doomed. Now that there are flesh-eating zombies roaming what's left of civilisation, the overwhelming likelihood is that you have not prepared suitably for the perilous situation in which you find yourself and are completely unequipped with the skills needed to survive in the aftermath. 


Skills like: 


No matter how much you may love them, sooner or later those canned foods you have been looting from the rubble of the town you once called home will run out.  By this stage, you’d better have figured out the basics of agriculture and learned to grow your own delicious fruit and vegetables. It's an excellent source of essential nutrients you’ll need to stay healthy as you work to rebuild civilization. 



As good as vegetables are, not even the most stalwart survivor can face the prospect of life after the end with only Turnips to eat.  Raising herds of pigs, sheep, cows or other livestock will provide you with plentiful meats and raw materials either for your own use or to trade with the ramshackle survivors also stuck in this nightmare future you call your now.  


Think you had a tough time getting a doctor's appointment back before the end times? Now you’ve found a new necessity for being completely self-reliant! You must be your own grocer, plumber, carpenter, doctor and nurse too. On the upside, you can prescribe all the antibiotics you can scavenge to cure your common cold and sore thumbs.  


As we know, you are almost certainly being hunted by zombie mutants, giant evolved rats and bailiffs. With peril around every corner, perhaps the most important skill is an ability to run away very, very quickly. Knowing best how to keep yourself in peak athletic performance may be the life saving knowledge you need to avoid being devoured.   


Leadership and Psychology 

survivor in the woods

Possibly the worst part of a zombie apocalypse is dealing with other survivors. Tried and tested management techniques could have catapulted you to leadership of your new community, if only you'd had the foresight to learn those precious skills before it all went wrong. But instead, the bedraggled survivors around you bicker and fight and you decide to set off on your own again.


Better hope that roaming mutant zombie didn’t take a course in Food Preparation then…  




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