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Journalism And Writing Careers& Jobs


Writers and authors produce content for print and also for online media. The job of an editor is to evaluate and select content for publication. Technical writers specialize in producing materials such as instruction manuals and software documentation.

What do I need to be a writer or editor?

A passion and affinity for writing is something obviously essential for those wanting to work in this field. Other necessary traits are the ability to express not only your own ideas but the ideas of others clearly in writing together with creativity and a lot of self motivation. Editors need to have the ability to guide others and be able to manage people. Unpaid experience, such as that gained through voluntary work and writing for school newspapers, is invaluable.

Employment Outlook for writers and editors:

Employment of writers and editors is expected to grow about as fast as the average for all occupations. Demand is currently highest for technical writers and for those with training in a specialised field. However the number of salaried writers and editors for newspapers etc. is also expected to increase.

What is it like to be a writer?

A writer's work can include:

  • producing original work whether as prose, poetry, play scripts or even song lyrics!

  • presenting topics about which to write or receiving commissions;

  • researching the topic to be covered;

  • selecting and organising the research material gathered;

  • producing text to express ideas and convey information;

  • revising or rewriting material;

  • preparing copy for advertising campaigns or press releases;

  • marketing themselves and their work to publishers, PR firms or advertising agencies.

What is it like to be an editor?

An editor could be involved in any of the following:

  • reviewing and editing the output of writers and rewriting where necessary;

  • planning the content of books, journals, and magazines;

  • making decisions on what types of material will appeal to readers;

  • reviewing and editing drafts of books and articles;

  • overseeing the production of publications both in print and on line;

  • reviewing book proposals and deciding whether to buy the publication rights

Many people take the decision to make Writing and Journalism a second career particularly when their original job didn't scratch that itch.  If you want to make a start on a new career or give yourself the edge in your Writing and Journalism life sign up on one of our Writing and Journalism courses

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